1940s Antique BOIRON Unopened Apothecary Bottles – Poison Ivy & Ledum


  • This listing is for two unopened & sealed antique small apothecary bottles – homeopathic remedies made by J.Boiron – Pharmacie Homeopathique Rhodanienne, 38 rue Thomassin, Lyon
  • Marked “Ledum Palustre” and “Rhus Tox.”
  • The glass of each bottle is free of any chips and the labels are in great condition
  • The cork is intact and in original condition
  • The string securing the corks is still embedded in the original wax seal
  • The contents have evaporated
  • Each bottle comes with a client note and case
  • Dimensions (bottles): 10 cm height, 3 cm diam.
  • Dimensions (cases): 11.2 cm height, 3.5 cm diam.
  • Very collectible

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Boiron is a manufacturer of homeopathic products, headquartered in France and with an operating presence in 59 countries worldwide. It is the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world

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